About Us

The New York School of Science in Kosova (NYSS) is the first pre-university science, technology, engineering, and mathematics institution in Kosovo (STEM). The NYSS High School curriculum is modeled after the curricula of five elite STEM high schools in New York, established and managed by the New York City Department of Education. These schools were founded to attract the most gifted students with interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. More than 10 Nobel laureates, including eight from The Bronx High School of Science, have graduated from these specialized and distinguished New York schools.
Our mission is for the NYSS School to be a school that mirrors the specialized schools of New York in terms of its curriculum, mission, and activities, using The Bronx High School of Science as its orientation model. To achieve its mission and goals most effectively, the NYSS School will employ all of the instructional and pedagogical strategies employed by New York City’s five specialized and top schools.
The NYSS School will provide gifted students with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to challenge and absorb STEM knowledge, develop study and critical thinking abilities, and adopt and apply contemporary research methodologies to tackle the practical and topical issues of the twenty-first century.
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are inseparable from all other fields, including health, economics, architecture, and even social sciences and the humanities, because these are likewise informed by quantifiable statistical data. Therefore, the NYSS school provides students with extensive preparation and a variety of chances for their intellectual development to achieve their goals in a variety of future professional fields.
NYSS School commences at the same time as the sixth grade of the lower secondary school cycle, complementing the MEST core curriculum with advanced modules in STEM disciplines, in order to provide pupils with ever-increasing STEM-related knowledge.
Our faculty comprises professionals and scientists with expertise in teaching and scientific endeavors. In the STEM discipline, all of our instructors hold the scientific degrees of doctors and are devoted professionals.Our goal is to generate graduates who will continue their education at one of the top 50 institutions in the world, allowing them to become exemplary citizens and involved in activities that benefit society.

Our Mission

New York School of Science in Kosova delivers a high quality learning environment.

Our Vision

At New York School of Science we believe that students’ best learning comes from a friendly environment.

Our Goals

Our goal is to generate graduates who will continue their education at one of the top 50 institutions in the world.

Our Convictions and Promotion of Values

We are adamant that all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, should have access to STEM education. We shall therefore give all children with equal possibilities to attend the NYSS school.
The NYSS School will give gifted children with the opportunity to receive a STEM education in accordance with the curricula and models of New York’s specialized and elite institutions.
We promote our principles by teaching exceptional and talented kids from low-income households in STEM subjects at an affordable cost and by offering scholarships to such students.

Our Teachers

Driton Qehaja

Driton Qehaja has a doctor title from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, WU-Wien, Austria.

Yllka Simnica

Yllka Simnica is a flutist from Prishtina, Kosova.

Arianit Buçinca

Arianit Buqinca, since 2016, is a full-time scientific researcher (Prof. ass.) at the Institute of Albanology – Prishtina, on the...

Gazmend Bërlajolli

Gazmend Bërlajolli received his Bachelor Degree in Linguistics from University College London, United Kingdom and his Master’s Degree in Linguistics from...