Tuition Fee

New York School of Science in Kosova was founded by the nonprofit NGO STEM, therefore all tuition costs are invested in your child’s education.
6th Grade10th Grade
Tution fee for students with Kosovo citizenship€ 5,000€ 6,700
NYSS Founding Scholarship*€ 1,000€ 2,000
Tution fee after the NYSS Scholarship€ 4,000€ 4,700
Economic Scholarship^0 to € 1,1000 to € 1,500
Other Scholarships ^^0 to € 1,5000 to € 2,000
Tution fee for international students€ 5,500€ 7,500
* All students enrolled in 2023, after passing the admission test, will benefit from the NYSS Scholarship. The scholarship will only continue if each year the student achieves a high average – GPA greater than 3.0.
^The economic scholarship is determined by the financial income of the student’s family. Only students who have an annual family income of less than 20 thousand euros (NET) can apply for an economic scholarship.
^^NYSS School will ensure scholarships from various donors for gifted students with an annual family income of less than 15,000 euros (NET).

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