Valmir Krasniqi

Valmir Krasniqi is the author of more than 30 scientific papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, and more than 15 peer-reviewed papers in various international journals. Valmir and well-known Spanish professor Jose Luis Barerron are co-editors-in-chief of the international journal MathProblems, which deals with various mathematical problems. He also founded the international scientific journal “Journal of Inequalities and Special Functions.” He participated in a number of international scientific conferences, the most recent being the 6th international conference on Transform Methods and Special Functions in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has worked with many international professors, most recently with two respected mathematical analysis professors, Professor Hari Srivastava and Professor Sever Dragomir. Valmir has served as a referee at the American Mathematical Society and has provided scholarly references for several journals published by Springer and Elsevier. Valmir’s activities have been focused on discovering new talents. Valmir is the Kosovar Mathematical Society’s Olympiads coordinator and the coach of the Kosovo national team at the International Mathematical Olympiad. He is also an ATOM Institute member and the President of the Kangaroo International Mathematical Competition in Kosovo.