Rrahman Ferizi

Rrahman Ferizi is an Assistant Lecturer of Biology and Genetics at the Faculty of Medicine,
University of Prishtina. He received his Ph. D. in Biology at the University of Tirana, Faculty of
Natural Sciences, Tirana, Albania in collaboration with the Faculty of Life Sciences in Austria in 2015.
From 2012 to 2015 he specialized as a scientific researcher at the University of Vienna, Faculty of Life
Sciences in Austria, within the framework of the Genomics, Metabolomics, and Proteomics project. He is
the author of more fiftieth scientific activities and original articles, and a participant in several
conferences and symposiums with poster presentations, plenary sessions, panel discussions, exhibitions,
etc. Also, he is the author of two universities’ scientific books. Invited speaker and member of the
scientific committee in different conferences and reviewer at different scientific journals. He
participated in numerous projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Spatial
Planning, Ministry of Health and Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, and also International Institutions
in Austria, Germany, Turkey, etc.